definition: jiffy

1.)(n.) the amount of time it takes light to travel 1 centimeter

2.)(n.) the time it takes to set up the coolest lighting for film and video

The light output of one exceeds a PAR 16 Halogen spot

Yet so efficient three will work with 9vDC batteries!

With up to 20,000 hours of useful life

In addition to being a standard light, dimmable 0-100% without color change
JiffyLights are available in models that include the following effects:
fire flicker, strobe, flash
All flicker, strobe and flash rates are adjustable

Click here to watch a video demo of fire flicker

Available in 5500k, 4300k, and Amber(fire, candle & lantern effects)

Available in 80w (1 pane), 160w (2 panel), 320w (4 panel), 480w (6 panel) arrays

Available for 12-50vDC or 85-240vAC


JiffyLight,, JiffyBolt are trademarks of Daedalus Corporation